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The Checkerboard Partnership consists of local professionals, elected officials, and community members. 


Checkerboard Partner members represent a broad spectrum of our community interested in preserving 27,000 acres of checkerboard land in Kittitas County. Scroll through the list to see who is working to leave a lasting legacy for future generations. 

Amy McGuffin | Chamber of Commerce 

Andrew Lyons | Hopesource

Anna Lael | Kittitas County Conservation District 

Brandon Ambrose | Yakama Nation

Cassie Koefod | Central Washington University 

Cathy Baker | The Nature Conservancy 

Cathy Cook | City of Roslyn 

Claire Lucke | Swauk Teanaway Grange

Danny DeFranco | Washington Cattleman's Association 

Darcy Batura | The Nature Conservancy 

Dave Shannon | Sky Meadows Development Association 

David Sack | Washington Farm Forestry Association 

Gary Berndt | Former Kittitas County Commissioner and Mayor of Cle Elum

Jamey Basye | USDA Forest Service - Cle Elum Ranger District

Jane Kiker | The Nature Conservancy

Jason Emsley | Washington Department of Natural Resources 

Jay McGowan | City of Cle Elum 

Jeff Meyers | Sky Meadows Development Association 

Jeff Newman | Tamarack Trail Builders

Jim Huckabay | Central Washington University 

John Storch | Kittitas Parks and Recreation District #1

Jonathan Tallman | Yakama Nation

Judy Hallisey | Kittitas Audubon Society 

Kate Hourihan | Community Member 

Kathy Young | Back County Horsemen of Washington

Kevin Haydon | Washington Water Trust

Larry Leach | Washington Department of Natural Resources

Laura Osiadacz | Kittitas County Commissioners 

Martha Wyckoff | Teanaway Community Forest and Landowner

Michael Bennett | Suncadia 

Michelle Capp | USDA Forest Service - Cle Elum District Ranger

Melissa Speeg | Kittitas Conservation Trust 

Mitch Long | Kittitas Conservation Trust 

Nancy Lillquist | City of Ellensburg 

Nicky Pasi | Mountains to Sound Greenway 

Pam Hawk | City of Cle Elum Planning Commission and Business Owner

Patty OHearn | Washington Farm Forestry Association and Small Forest Landowner

Phil Hess | Washington Farm Forestry Association 

Ryan Sanchey | Yakama Nation 

Savannah Fields | Central Washington University 

Scott Nicoli | Community Member

Tia Beavert | Yakama Nation

Tom Krippaehne | Community Member

Toni Sipic | Central Washington University 

Tristan Spencer | Yakama Nation

Vic Monahan | Monahan Forestry

Do you know someone that would be interested in participating or you think should be part of this effort that is missing from the list? Contact our facilitator Melissa Speeg at to learn how to get involved.