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What better way to hear about the importance of these lands than from our community?. 


We developed a series of videos to share the voices of our community and why these lands are important to them.

Why This Forest, Why Now?

Why are these lands important and why do they need to be protected? Watch this video to find out! 

Protect the Habitat

The Cle Elum Ridge is an important migration corridor for animals big and small. Watch the video to learn more.

Fire and Forest Health

Forest is an important part of the landscape that we live in, but we also need to ensure our communities are protected. Watch to learn about the role of fire on the Cle Elum Ridge. 

NEW VIDEO: Cle Elum Ridge - A New Opportunity For the Teanaway

The Checkerboard Partnership Planning Committee finds themselves with an exciting opportunity to add the Cle Elum Ridge to the Teanaway Community Forest. Checkout the video below to learn more about the Teanaway Community Forest and the likely future of the Cle Elum Ridge.

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