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The Checkerboard Partnership consists of local professionals, elected officials, and community members. 


Amy McGuffin | Chamber of Commerce 

Andrew Lyons | Hopesource

Anna Lael | Kittitas County Conservation District 

Brandon Ambrose | Yakama Nation

Cassie Koefod | Central Washington University 

Cathy Baker | The Nature Conservancy 

Cathy Cook | City of Roslyn 

Claire Lucke | Swauk Teanaway Grange

Danny DeFranco | Washington Cattleman's Association 

Darcy Batura | The Nature Conservancy 

Dave Shannon | Sky Meadows Development Association 

David Sack | Washington Farm Forestry Association 

Gary Berndt | Former Kittitas County Commissioner and Mayor of Cle Elum

Jamey Basye | USDA Forest Service - Cle Elum Ranger District

Jane Kiker | The Nature Conservancy

Jason Emsley | Washington Department of Natural Resources 

Jay McGowan | City of Cle Elum 

Jeff Meyers | Sky Meadows Development Association 

Jeff Newman | Tamarack Trail Builders

Jim Huckabay | Central Washington University 

John Storch | Kittitas Parks and Recreation District #1

Jonathan Tallman | Yakama Nation

Judy Hallisey | Kittitas Audubon Society 

Kate Hourihan | Community Member 

Kathy Young | Back County Horsemen of Washington

Kevin Haydon | Washington Water Trust

Larry Leach | Washington Department of Natural Resources

Laura Osiadacz | Kittitas County Commissioners 

Martha Wyckoff | Teanaway Community Forest and Landowner

Michael Bennett | Suncadia 

Michelle Capp | USDA Forest Service - Cle Elum District Ranger

Melissa Speeg | Kittitas Conservation Trust 

Mitch Long | Kittitas Conservation Trust 

Nancy Lillquist | City of Ellensburg 

Nicky Pasi | Mountains to Sound Greenway 

Pam Hawk | City of Cle Elum Planning Commission and Business Owner

Patty OHearn | Washington Farm Forestry Association and Small Forest Landowner

Phil Hess | Washington Farm Forestry Association 

Ryan Sanchey | Yakama Nation 

Savannah Fields | Central Washington University 

Scott Nicoli | Community Member

Tia Beavert | Yakama Nation

Tom Krippaehne | Community Member

Toni Sipic | Central Washington University 

Tristan Spencer | Yakama Nation

Vic Monahan | Monahan Forestry