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We are working to permanently protect the last large remnants of the checkerboard lands, which are concentrated in three main areas: Taneum, Cabin Creek, and the Cle Elum Ridge. 


Miles of trail

These lands are connected to our upper Kittitas County communities through a series of hiking, biking, horseback riding, x-country skiing, snowshoing, and snowmobile trails. 


Native Species

Black bears, elks, deer, mountain lions, fox, great horned owl, Cooper's Hawk, salmon, Douglas Fir, Western Cedar, and many more animals and plants call these lands their home. 


Join us in shaping how a locally designed and managed community forest can bring tangible benefits to Kittitas County, while ensuring permanent conservation of and access to this iconic landscape.

The Checkerboard Partnership only has $100k left to raise to permanently protect the Cle Elum Ridge!

About the Checkerboard Partnership

We are a group of individuals, organizations, and government entities coming together to start a conversation about the future of 27,000 acres of privately owned forest in the Central Cascades.

Get Involved

Everyone is unique and there are meaningful ways for you to get involved with our public process. 

Survey Results

Participated in our survey? Check out the results and see how and why the community values the checkerboard forests.

News and Events

What's being said about the Checkerboard Forest, and where can you find us.

Get to Know Us

Just who exactly is involved with the Checkerboard Partnership? We'll tell you!

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